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Shark Week Update: Still Awesome

From facebook today, an update on How to Menstruate. Friend: “I just read your menstruation is awesome blog in preparation for my first period this year (possibly). I needed reminding.” BamaDamn: “Oh I just finished up an intense Shark Week. What … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Lists

1. My grandmother is dying. 2. I am sick. From my sinuses down to my guts, my entire body is rebelling. 3. I clocked myself in the fucking cheek with the door of a towncar and I look like I … Continue reading

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Sharks In Lady Land

It’s shark week in Lady Land. One of my favorite things about living alone in my girl apartment is having my period here. Dudes don’t know about this; most of them think that period days are like any other day, … Continue reading

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