For 24 hours I was guardian, advocate, and ally to a small, vulnerable, and tough young person who needed me. For 24 hours my every thought was centered on her needs and experience and not one single other concern even made my radar. It was sudden and unexpected and ended just as suddenly, and now seems like an out of body experience.

Is that what parenting is like? An out of body experience?

Holy shit.


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2 Responses to reanimated

  1. MoonCookee says:

    Ok let me try this again, last time I failed. OBTW I had to go tell. I have been savoring it is for a couple of days and while busy was happy it is so deli-sh. So for me, I can only say that I could have known what I know now. But I am not a grown, healthy, caring, woman. This time around around I have learned that I could never be a grown, healthy, caring woman nor could I dream that experience. So I’ll say …uhm maybe,and thank you. You are one of the purest wonders I know in this world. What a lucky me. I love you purely (most of the time}. it’s forever free.

    • MoonCookee says:

      Sorry for the typing Tourrets. You know that saying ” I’d rather have a bottle in front a me than a frontal lobotomy? Well I learned that one the hard way. Hugz.Sending the good.

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