at sea

Today I was able to connect with a teenager I’ve been struggling with all year by spilling the condensed 5-minute version of my childhood story to him. He has some similar stuff going on in his life but super did not expect it coming from me, and the expression in his eyes as they soaked up every wet word unhinged all the moorings in my chest. My heart slipped loose and bobbed around while I struggled to keep face against the tears. It felt, after our meeting was ended, as if some sort of tension had been released.

At the end of the day he shocked me by stopping into my center just to reconnect and say bye before he went home. This tiny act, and I am undone.


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One Response to at sea

  1. mooncookee says:

    You are a gift to our world and and blessing to all you touch. To these lucky children you are a life enabler. You free them to grow. Sending the good to you my angel. Thank you. Namaste Dawlin’.

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