Today I found out that yet another person I know has chosen to end their own life. We weren’t close friends, but I knew him, he was a person, and the thought of him so alone and so hopeless shocks me. How can people get this way when there are so very many of us in the world? How can there not be enough of us to keep everyone afloat?

I put the feelings on hold this morning because I needed to go be whole at work, but came home to find them sitting here waiting, staring me in the face. The incomprehensible permanence of the act, the violence of it, I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

But it’s done. It happened weeks ago. A whole human story, ended. Over.






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One Response to unreal

  1. skyxander says:

    I feel you. That happened six months ago to someone who I didn’t know well, but got to spend about 5 hours with one day through my business. He was only in his early 20’s. Unbelievable spirit. So tragic.

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