How to cope when the whole world is overwhelmingly fucked up and falling apart

You find the one thing you can do.

When the world is blowing up. When someone you love takes their own life. When cancer. When another bullshit white man has gone out and shot up a school, church, movie theater, clinic. When police keep killing and incarcerating black people and it’s so obvious but so many people still can’t see it. When you can’t even with New Orleans. When a teenager you love echoes the misogyny of a thousand generations and you are sure it’s too late to save him, feel yourself suffocating in the quicksand of sexism you’ve spent a lifetime struggling against, realize again the heavy handicap of being a woman. When bombings. When homelessness. When poverty. When drought. When the whole world is just. Fucked. Up.

When you can’t check Facebook anymore because the stream of bad news and hopeless opinions and soulless politicians is dragging you down into a deep pool of depression. When you don’t know what to do because there are so many things that need doing and you can’t make people know what you know, no matter how hard you try.

You find one thing you can do. Just one thing. One tiny seed which will eventually bloom into a forest of change. One skill, one talent, one facet of human life you can apply yourself to, one way in which to make this world a better place, one form of rebellion, and you do it. You do it REALLY FUCKING WELL.

Give it your whole heart, your whole focus, all your sweat and perseverance, or as much as you honestly can. Be willing to feel uncomfortable for it. Be willing to do it daily. Be willing to do it when no one else will and you are all alone, or when everyone else does and you won’t get recognition. Do it when you might fall on your face or you’d rather sleep in. Do it the best you can and never stop and make it your life’s work.

Find one thing. And do it like only you can do it.

It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing. It doesn’t have to save everyone. It just has to be your thing, the thing you can see, the thing you can fix, the thing you can do.

You will save the world by doing the thing you are best adapted to do, by living as authentically and intentionally as only you are capable of. Whatever you can do, do it in service of this goal. Do it in service of others.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t change the whole world all at at once. Change doesn’t happen all at once. Just find the one thing you can change, and change it. I promise, you will feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders as steadily as you try to take it on. Just do your one thing. And do it right.


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  2. This post is a lifesaver that I read again and again on “those days”… THANK YOU!!!!

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