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How can such a devastating day follow such a reassuring one? I feel like I can’t even post this on facebook because the emotional roller coaster is too much to ask everyone else to participate in. But I have to … Continue reading

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This End Up

Again I am thinking of Erika, who is still impossibly gone. How could she do that thing? What a thing. I am told she never wanted to be old, and try to imagine feeling that…engaged? absorbed? in the beauty and … Continue reading

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A ventricle-shaped room in my heart, papered in the gold leaf of dappled sunlight, contains all of home: grass pastures, cornfields, tree walls that block out the world, nothing beyond a fence where wild roses grow, maypops, the old house … Continue reading

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How to Cook for One: Scrambled Eggs

I’ve been seeing all these recipes lately for how to perfectly scramble eggs, and they are just insane. Whisk the eggs for 5 minutes with heavy cream, add giant lumps of butter, scramble slavishly for 10 minutes in the pan, … Continue reading

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Well, you ARE, but don’t let that stop you.

“Sometimes I feel like a privileged white asshole.” I hear things like this a lot. I think them myself sometimes, too. What do you do about the fact that you have privilege that others don’t? There are many ways that … Continue reading

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