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Soul of a Southern Girl

Eighteen years ago this month I almost died. I was a passenger in a car traveling 95 mph when it wiped out, flipping end-over-end about seven times. I took out the back windshield with my face, leaving a lightning bolt … Continue reading

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“God is a hacker, not an engineer.”

Here’s a little blog post I wrote for the class I’m about to go take a final exam for. I can’t wait to have time to read the rest of this book: Ramachandran sure does speak my language. “How can … Continue reading

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Which Mountain?

Sometimes I think the concept of god was invented just so people would have the sense that there’s always something watching, to keep them on their best behavior. And it’s kind of genius; people respond to that sort of thing, … Continue reading

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m’lady’s a walk around the block discovery park beer and credit card cheese hiding in the bushes from a teenage bonfire the secret fires of the RV laden a porch with spicy basil a wordful trip home the parts i … Continue reading

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Wood smoke might always be to me intoxicating still but not waiting take me home take me stars take me around in cars take me secret dark unknown night bright with moon like illicit spotlight take me warm comfort too-still … Continue reading

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